Non-developer Raspberry Pi computers may be available in Q3 2012

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In a couple weeks, the first batch of Raspberry Pi computers are expected to exit the production phase. Shortly after that, 10,000 Raspberry Pi models will be sold to whoever wants them. The catch is that the first models will be uncased developer versions. That means all the gizmos that power the Raspberry Pi will be exposed. If you’re looking to purchase a cased Raspberry Pi, you may have to wait until the third quarter of 2012.

David Braben, who is on the Raspberry Pi board of trustees, told Eurogamer a regular consumer version of the Raspberry Pi will be shown sooner rather than later. There isn’t a whole lot of information regarding the commercial Raspberry Pi because pricing and a release window hasn’t been determined.

“We have a good idea that it will be sort of in Q3 this year, but we can’t be certain,” Braben said. “There are a lot of variables in terms of what we need to get ready. We don’t know completely but we’re moving very quickly.”

The Raspberry Pi will sell for $25 and $35. We’d image the cased versions won’t cost much more than that.

Via [Eurogamer]

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