Amazon’s new Kindle ad shows off low prices

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Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has put out another ad touting its Kindle line while taking a few shots at Apple.

In the new ad, Amazon again takes a shot at the iPad’s reflective screen that makes it difficult to read in direct sunlight. When the iPad user talks about movies and games, the Kindle user mentions the Kindle Fire as the alternative. It all ends with the Kindle user saying that her $79 Kindle and two Kindle Fires all cost less than the iPad 2.

It’s a good idea for Amazon to not put just the Kindle Fire up against the iPad. Sure, the Fire is cheaper, but it can’t offer nearly the same experience. It lacks the great apps, the clean UI, and the storage space of the iPad. The price is really the only point the Fire has, so there really isn’t much to detract from the ad.

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