Scosche releases bassDock speaker dock for all iPad models

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Scosche has just released a new speaker dock that works with all iPad models. Dubbed the bassDock, this adjustable speaker dock that supports the iPad 1 and iPad 2 rotates to allow both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. It also charges your iPad as you listen to music, watch movies and more.  The speaker dock features a 2.1 sound system with dual 1.6″ stereo speakers which according to Scosche produces the right mids and highs and a subwoofer that produces rich and powerful bass. In short, this speaker dock transforms your iPad into a powerful entertainment system. Other features of the Scosche bassDock include adjustable stand that tilts for convenient viewing, 10 Watts (2.1 Amps) for fast charging, and adapters for securely holding your iPad. This speaker dock retails for $149.99. To learn more about its features, a video demo is attached below after the product link.

Product [Scosche bassDock]

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