Kindle for Android update brings page numbers

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Just a quick note to inform all of you who are using Kindle app on your Android device. You might want to check out your app’s update states to get the updated version of this Android app. There’s really not much new features but the update brings in one nice feature that many Kindle app users have been waiting for – real page numbers. This simply means that you can now track your reading progress with page numbers that are similar to how the printed book is numbered. The new feature available for thousands of titles from the Kindle Store. Why is this important? Well, for some who still reads a particular ebook title simultaneously with the printed book, this feature will help them to continue reading on the last page they’ve read, whether on the ebook or printed edition. Aside from real page numbers, the update has also reduced the app’s size and fixed several bugs. Kindle for Android is available now as a free download from the Android Market.

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