Loss of Megaupload has not stifled piracy

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According to the results of three-month research conducted by internet consulting firm DeepField Networks, the recent takedown of Megaupload had almost no effect in web traffic related to file-sharing. As it turns out, Megaupload was responsible for roughly 30-40% of all file-sharing downloads.

The site handled such an immense amount of data that the world’s internet traffic decreased between 2% and 3% when it was taken down last month. However, users quickly turned to other file-sharing alternatives such as Rapidshare and Mediafire in lieu of Megaupload.

American ISPs will be taking most of the damage from the recent takedown. ”Instead of terabytes of North America Megaupload traffic going to U.S. servers, most file sharing traffic now comes from Europe over far more expensive transatlantic links,” DeepField shared.

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Source [DeepField]

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