Spotify for iOS gets an update, brings improved streaming quality

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Those using Spotify on an iOS device may want to fire up the App Store and grab the latest update as it looks like it is bringing a welcomed improvement — high-quality streaming and syncing. More specifically, Spotify for iOS version 0.4.23 comes available with the ability to “stream or sync music at very hog quality (320kbps).” In addition, this latest update also adds a one-tap log in with Facebook. That being said, those with Spotify installed on their iOS device can launch the app and then head into the settings where they will see the new (third) option under for quality — Extreme. Select and enjoy better quality music. Of course, for those on limited data plans, you may want to cache that higher quality over Wi-Fi as streaming under the Extreme setting will use a bit more data as compared to low or high.

Via [Spotify (iOS App Store link)]

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