Using a Galaxy Nexus as a desktop computer with only regular and easy to acquire gear

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It is always fun to see how (and in some cases why) people use their gadgets. And well, it looks like one user has discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can be used as a ‘desktop’ computer. Of course, we use the term desktop rather lightly given we realize that many would not be able to get by with a setup like this. But on the flip side, we do feel that some users would be able to get by just fine. After all, the Galaxy Nexus is running Android and that means some great apps for the more common tasks that people do — check email, light web surfing and social networking with sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Anyway, while we suspect many will be skeptical, we suggest giving the 8 minute and 48 second video a watch. And lastly, just to give a spoiler, this was accomplished using an Apple keyboard and trackpad along with an MHL adapter, HDMI cable and monitor.

Via [AndroidCommunity] and [YouTube]

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