Verizon Trade-In Program gives you cash in exchange for your old phones

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Verizon Wireless has just launched its latest In Store Trade-In program. Like most of the similar programs which Verizon launched before, this one lets you trade in your no-longer-used wireless devices at any Verizon stores. You’ll get Verizon Wireless gift card depending on the appraised value of your device. You can then use this gift card to purchase a new device or pay off your bills from Verizon Wireless. You can get as much as $300 as exchange value for your devices. The said Trade-In Program is being launched as part of Verizon’s way of helping the Environmental Protection Agency in its drive to recycle old phones in a more environment-friendly way. The Trade-In Program awards gift cards depending on the make, model and condition of devices. Additionally, if you’re feeling more generous, you might consider donating your old phones instead to HopeLine from Verizon program.

Via [Verizon]

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