Speculation: Next-generation Barnes & Noble Nook to be unveiled as the Nook Glow or Nook Shine

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We saw some rumors late last month that mentioned how Barnes & Noble was planning to release a “fifth e-reading device” this spring and well, it looks like some possible names have popped up. The details are coming by way of the Fusible blog who seem to have uncovered some recently registered domain names. Anyway, without any further adieu, those newly registered names are and

That being said, the names are privately registered and are showing as being registered to Corporation Service Company which is a company out of Delaware that specializes in domain, trademark and brand services. Of course, while Nook Glow and/or Nook Shine sound like interesting enough names — this could be nothing more than a person who is working on a new project/accessory for the Nook line that wanted to remain anonymous for a while.

Ah, the fun we can have with speculation based on domain name registrations

Via [fusible]

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