Samsung may have accidentally revealed the Galaxy Note 10.1

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Yes, that’s not a typographical error. We mean a Galaxy Note 10.1 which Samsung may have accidentally revealed via the invitation to Samsung Developer Day at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The mention of the Galaxy Note 10.1 appears right beside the Galaxy Note and two other Samsung phones which are scheduled to be launched during the event. What baffles us though is that the said event was meant for Samsung’s software development kit for the S Pen which as you may know is a feature of the Galaxy Note (pictured above). Was it an error on Samsung’s part to have included the Galaxy Note 10.1 on the invitation or is the tablet already in existence and is just waiting to be launched? Is a larger stylus-capable device in Samsung’s pipeline for this year? How about you, folks? Do you see yourself using a stylus pen on a 10-inch tablet? Anyway, we’ll have more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 once more information becomes available.

Via [The Verge]

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