spiderArm releases the iPad 2 Modular Mount System

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Still looking for the perfect mount to hold your iPad 2 at the most convenient location in your living room or bedroom? You might want to check the new spiderArm iPad 2 Modular Mount System. According to spiderArm, this iPad 2 accessory offers a complete interchangeable support system for your device as it allows you to create hands-free viewing set up with precise and enjoyable experience. The mount system is composed of two base units – the two-way SurfaceMount padded to protect furniture and can be attached securely to a table or desk and the three-way VersaMount which lets you secure your device onto a wall, under a cabinet or anywhere near your workstation. Other features of the spiderArm iPad 2 Modular Mount System include – three modular extension arms with 270 degree joints, endless uses and versatility for letting you place your iPad 2 anywhere, a secureSnap outer casing for letting you quickly attached your iPad and fashionable and yet durable, quality finish in piano-key white color and soft, anodized-finish aluminum tubes. This iPad 2 accessory is available from and Amazon for $79.99.

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