Rumor: Microsoft giving the music thing another try with a streaming service

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While it’s true Microsoft already has a music service tied to its Zune brand, it may be looking to take another stab at the market. This time Microsoft is rumored to be taking a more modern approach to music consumption. According to CNET, Microsoft is having discussions with unnamed record labels to assist it in starting a new music streaming service.

Should the rumors prove accurate, Microsoft will debut the new service on its Xbox and Windows Phone platforms sometime this year. A specific, yet unannounced Windows Phone is believed to introduce this new initiative.

HTC and Nokia are rumored to be two of the manufacturers that may take part in creating the phone. Nokia seems to be the most likely candidate considering its reliability on Microsoft.

HTC is also rumored to be starting its own streaming music service, so it’s hard to imagine HTC working on a potential rival.

Via [CNET]

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