Angry Birds Space set to arrive on March 22nd

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It looks like the folks over at Rovio Mobile have begun teasing the latest edition of Angry Birds, which is dubbed Angry Birds Space. The teasers have come in the form of a short but sweet 20 second video which was posted on YouTube (see below) and also a newly launched website. The website does not offer all that much except for an image of the moon with a slingshot and reads;

“One small fling for a bird. One quantum leap for birdkind.”

That being said, the Angry Birds Space game is set to debut on March 22nd and if it is anything like the Original, Seasons or Rio — we suspect that March 22nd will end up being a day of diminished productivity. Otherwise, nothing specific has been mentioned in terms of pricing or which platforms would be the lucky ones for launch.

Via [Angry Birds Space] and [Yahoo! Games]

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