Grand Theft Auto III for iOS is available for only $0.99 [Weekend Fun]

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Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, while we would like to suggest getting out and having some fun in the sun, we do realize that sometimes there is nothing better than sitting and playing a game. Plus, while some live in the south where it is warm, we also realize that it may be cold for some readers. Anyway, that being said, we have some good indoor entertainment for you — a discounted Grand Theft Auto III for iOS. The game is available by way of the iOS App Store and for this weekend only — it is priced at $0.99. And nicely done, the app is a universal which means you can buy once and then use play it on your iPad and iPhone (or iPod touch). And lastly, this price drop will remain in effect through Monday February 20th.

Via [Grand Theft Auto III (iOS App Store link)]

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