Google looking to bring a password generator to Chrome

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According to the latest in the Google related chatter, it looks like Chrome users will be getting an official password generator. That being said, while this feature has been detailed a bit by Google, they have yet to offer anything as to when it will actually be available. Needless to say, it sounds like a good option to have and hopefully one that will convince users to use better passwords.

According to what Google has offered up thus far, the generator will produce a passcode made of numbers and letters along with special characters. The password generator will offer up a code and then wait for the users approval. From that point, the passcode can then by synced to any (or all) of your other computers/devices that are running Google Chrome. Of course, while this will be nice to have as a default option — we have to remind everyone that not having it should not be an excuse to use a poor password. Not to mention, there are plenty of password generators available at this point.

Via [PC World]

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