Time, Inc. will be dropping support for the HP TouchPad on March 10th

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We cannot say we are all that surprised by this bit, however it may come as a bit of bad news for anyone still rocking a TouchPad with webOS — Time, Inc. will be dropping support for the tablet fairly soon. The magazines that Time, Inc. had available for the Touchpad included Time Magazine, People, Sports Illustrated and Fortune and well — as of March 10th they will no longer be available. The silver lining to that bit, Time does plan to offer refunds for unread issues. Otherwise, while disappointing to see, this does not mean that your magazine reading days on the TouchPad are entirely over, just that you will have to switch things up a bit. After all, the Zinio app is still available and still supported on webOS. And yes, as of now the Time, Inc. magazines are available using the Zinio app.

Via [webOSnation]

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