8GB Nook Tablet on sale now for $199

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The Nook Tablet was always positioned as a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire. The Nook Tablet always seemed to be somewhat of a difficult sale compared to the Kindle Fire thanks to its $250 price tag. That extra $50 was the determining factor in a lot of people’s minds. Barnes and Noble realized it needed to lower the Nook Tablet’s entry price. As a result, we will now find a $199 8GB Nook Tablet in B&N stores and on its website starting today. Other retailers will start stocking the new Nook Tablet in a few weeks.

In order to meet this new price, B&N also had to cut the Nook Tablet’s memory down to 512MB from 1GB. You can’t make up for that loss of memory, but the microSD slot still remains. The Nook Tablet will still be able to perform all the features of its more expensive counterpart.

B&N also cut the price of the Nook Color to $169.

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