Google hit with class-action suit over Safari debacle

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Google has been hit with a class-action suit over their recent tango with Apple’s Safari browser. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court for Delaware, accuses Google of violating the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Stored Electronic Communication Act, and the Federal Wiretap Act.

Jonathan Mayer, a computer-science student from Stanford University, discovered that Google was working around Safari’s blockage of third-party cookies. While Google has claimed that this whole mess is purely an accident and that the issue was localized only to Safari, Microsoft claimed yesterday that Internet Explorer had also been circumvented. For shame, Google…for shame.

It’s almost scary to think what this company could do with the wealth of information they have on each of us. While we are all surely anticipating the worst, Google will most likely continue to pass this entire mess off as an accident.

Via [ArsTechnica]

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