AT&T’s upcoming, mid-range Samsung Rugby Smart details leak

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In case you’re in the market for a mid-range Android smartphone that definitely won’t break the bank, then you’ll be pleased to know AT&T is preparing to launch an entry-level device by Samsung.  The upcoming Android device is known as the Rugby Smart, and it features a 3.5 inch display and Android 2.3.

Other specs include 512MB of RAM, HSPA 3G, and what looks like a 3.2MP or 5MP rear facing camera with LED flash.  Unfortunately, there is no word on internal hard drive space or processor speed, but I imagine it will be running a single-core 1GHz processor with at least 2GB of onboard storage.  When AT&T officially announces the device, I am sure we will have more details to report on.  Hopefully AT&T prices the Rugby Smart for free on contract, otherwise I doubt the smartphone will sell given its relatively lackluster hardware.

Via [PocketNow]

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