Facebook for PlayBook gets an update, brings support for PlayBook OS 2.0

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I have spent far more time than I should have playing around with the BlackBerry PlayBook today, and aside from the long awaited PlayBook OS 2.0 update we have seen quite a few app updates as well. Of course, one of the more exciting (for us) was mentioned a bit earlier, WordPress for PlayBook. Otherwise, another notable app that was update was Facebook.

The Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook app has jumped to version and with that comes the good stuff — OS 2.0 compatibility and some bug fixes. Of course, some of the other features that were introduced in 2.2 remain — the ability to view in portrait orientation, Facebook Messages and more.

With that, those with a PlayBook can fire up the BlackBerry App World on your device and click on the “My World” option to grab the latest. Well, that is assuming you already have the Facebook for PlayBook app installed. Otherwise, fire up the App World and search for “Facebook for PlayBook.”

Via [BlackBerry App World]

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