Google Docs for Android gets a much needed update

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Google released a new version of its Google Docs for Android application today. This update is beneficial to smartphone and tablet users. The primary reason for this update is to bring new collaborative features to the app. Google has also made changes to the user interface that makes things much easier to navigate.

When you share a document now, you can watch in real-time as your collaborators make changes. I tested this and am positive it really works. Google Docs will set a colored border that separates the edits made by other users. There is maybe about a half second lag time between real-time edits.

Besides that, Google also made it much easier to create and edit documents. You can now pinch and zoom into your document and select text much easier than before. There is also a scrollable list of formatting options to choose from including bullet lists, text color and text alignment.

As an avid user of Google Docs, this update is fantastic. The archaic design of the old app was starting to wear out its welcome.

Via [Google Blog]

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