Barnes and Noble will personally unlock more internal storage for the Nook Tablet

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The Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet was initially released with 16GB of internal storage. That’s enough space to bring a decent amount of consumable media with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, B&N set it up so that Nook Tablet owners are only able to access 1GB of space without using a microSD card. After factoring in the space needed for the operating system and such, 12GB out of 13GB is reserved for content purchased from B&N. That’s all going to change on March 12 because B&N will allow more personal content to be saved to the Nook Tablet’s internal storage.

This change won’t be implemented through a firmware update. If you want more internal storage space, you’ll have to visit a Barnes and Noble store starting March 12. An employee will take your device and work some technical magic before handing it back to you. The B&N website doesn’t say how much additional storage you’ll be getting.

This service appears to only be offered for the 16GB Nook Tablet. The 8GB version gives customers 5GB to play with. 1GB is reserved for B&N purchases.

Via [Barnes and Noble] Read [Liliputing]

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