US Cellular tipped to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II on March 1st

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US Cellular announced that they would be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone the other day. At that time they offered up some details in terms of the pricing ($229.99 on a two-year agreement and after a $100 mail-in rebate) and said that the handset would come available in March. And well, thanks to the interwebs — it looks like a specific release date has been revealed. The details come by way of the folks at Android Central and a screenshot that was leaked to them. Anyway, according to that screenshot — US Cellular will launch the Galaxy S II smartphone on March 1st. Simply put;

“The Device Launch Management team is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II on March 1, 2012.”

That being said, while this all seems to be the real deal, we caution that things could still change. Bottom line, it looks like a solid date, however we are still going to be on the lookout for either an official confirmation from US Cellular or to see the handset appear in the currently available lineup on their website.

Via [AndroidCentral]

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