Spotify adds gapless playback and crossfade features

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We just got word from the folks at Spotify informing us about the new features that they’ve added to Spotify desktop app. These new features include gapless playback and crossfade features which both make Spotify a useful tool if you’re into DJ stuff and music mixing. Gapless playback allows songs to play flawlessly, one after another minus the silent spaces-in-between. Hence, making Spotify perfect for dance and classical music, live recordings and concept albums. This new feature is set to “on” when you update your Spotify desktop app. If you don’t want it, you can always turn it off via the app’s Preference settings. The other major, new feature of the updated Spotify app is crossfade. This new feature lets you fade out currently playing songs to bring a new song into play. The app allows you to set the number of seconds that you want the songs to crossfade from 1 to 12 seconds. Other new features of the updated Spotify desktop app include – better sorting of albums and top hits, new save and restore feature for “now playing,” improved subscribe, buddy list and favorite options, drag and drop for Windows, and offline mode. You can try out these new features by downloading the updated Spotify pp via the links below for Mac and PC.

Via [Spotify], [Spotify for Mac], [Spotify for Windows]

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