T-Mobile is finally building a 4G LTE network thanks to AT&T

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It looks like T-Mobile is going to remain relevant after all. Not too long ago, T-Mobile didn’t have a clear path to start a 4G LTE network. Its lack of funds and fleeing customers were some of the reasons why Deutsche Telekom wanted to sell the company to AT&T. Since that deal has fallen through, AT&T has to hand over a billion dollars in AWS spectrum to T-Mobile. T-Mobile is going to use that to build out its 4G LTE network that will go live in 2013.

It’s going to cost T-Mobile about $4 billion to get its 4G LTE network off the ground. $1.4 billion of that is going to be spent within the next two years to improve T-Mobile’s existing network. In the next year, T-Mobile is going to “re-farm” its spectrum and launch the LTE network on its new AWS spectrum. T-Mobile’s LTE service is expected to “reach the vast majority of the top 50 markets” when it launches.

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