Box updates its Android app and gives everyone 50GB of storage

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If you’ve been looking around for a cloud storage company to give your business to, you may want to take Box up on its new offer. Box is offering anyone that uses its service 50GB of cloud storage just by signing up, or logging in to the Box Android app until March 23. The app has also been updated with a smattering of new features such as collaborations, the ability to upload multiple files from a SD card, support for multiple languages and a 100MB upload limit.

Much like yesterday’s Google Docs update, Box now lets you add collaborators to certain folders. By doing this, they’ll be able to edit documents right there in the cloud. Box didn’t state whether it shows edits in real time. They can also add comments about a particular document which will show up under the “Updates” tab within the Box app.

Box also notes it needs to access contacts on Android devices in order to find email addresses for the collaboration feature. It does not store those contacts on its servers.

Other user interface changes such as the implementation of the action bar has also been added to the app.

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