This Chrome browser extension will let you download APK files from the Android Market — to your desktop [Sideloading]

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While we are fairly certain this one is not going to last, we will mention in here in hopes that anyone who wants it will be able to grab it. That being said, it looks like an Android developer has released a Chrome browser extension that will let you download Android APK files from the Android Market without using a phone or tablet. Yup, once this browser extension is installed you can launch Chrome on your computer and download apps from the Android Market to your desktop. Sounds like a wonderful way for a person to do some sideloading. Not to mention, especially nice for those who want an app that is only available in the Android Market and using a tablet without Android Market access. That said, this one can be found at the code kiem com link below. And go, go get it now before it goes away.

Via [code kiem com] and [AndroidCentral]

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