Opera Mini Next and Opera Mobile 12 get an official unveiling

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Some new versions of the Opera browser have been announced during Mobile World Congress. The latest have arrived as Opera Mini Next and Opera Mobile 12 — both of which are available for download and use as of this time. Beginning first with the Opera Mini Next browser, this one comes for those who are looking for what is next. According to the details coming from Opera;

“The Opera Mini Next series is for those who like to stay ahead of the pack, and try out the latest features in Opera Mini. All the Opera Mini Next browsers install alongside the regular Opera Mini browser, and are distinguished with a white Opera icon as opposed to the red icon for the stable version.”

Otherwise, some of the features and perks that have been adding in this build of Opera Mini Next include social integration with Facebook and Twitter and a Smart Page which “will take its position alongside Opera’s famous Speed Dial shortcuts and give feature phones smarter access to social networks, the latest news and more.” Additionally, Opera Mini Next will also see a smoother browsing experience, with hardware acceleration and a revamped Speed Dial.

Moving over to Opera Mini 12 and we find the following goodies;

  • WebGL on Android phones, for all things 3D and web. With WebGL on mobile, it’ll be even easier to make games cross platform and to distribute them. “Opera have contributed significantly to the development of the WebGL specification and now Opera Mobile is playing a leading role in the roll-out of GPU-accelerated WebGL on Android,” said Neil Trevett, Khronos president and vice president of mobile content at NVIDIA.
  • Ragnarök, Opera’s HTML5 parser support, meaning better web apps and increased compatibility with websites. More HTML5 means more advanced web functionality.
  • Support for camera use in the browser.
  • More possibilities for customizing the Speed Dial of Opera Mobile, including entering as many Speed Dial entries as you like.

That all being said, Opera Mini Next will be available for feature phones as well as Android smartphones. The Android version can be downloaded from the Android Market. In terms of Opera Mobile 12, this one will be available for Android and Symbian handsets and will be found in the respective app markets.

Via [Opera]

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