Nokia goes after the low-end Windows Phone market with the Lumia 610

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Nokia Lumia 610

At its Mobile World Congress press conference Nokia announced a number of new phones, but only one brand new Windows Phone. That phone is the Lumia 610, the first Windows Phone that’s truly designed for the low-end.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is the first Windows Phone to run what what we’ve been calling Tango. It’s a Windows Phone that runs on just 256MB of RAM, as opposed to the 512MB minimum on other phones. The 610 looks very similar to the Lumia 710, and has a similar 5MP camera and the same 3.7-inch display. It’s mostly just some internals specs and the design that make it different from the Lumia 710.

Like other Lumia phones, the 610 will be available in four colors: black, white, cyan, and magenta. Unlike the 710, there won’t be an interchangeable back panel so you just get one solid color. Of course, no matter what color users choose, the screen will still be outline in black just like the 800 and 900.

Nokia hopes the Lumia 610 will be great for younger users, and emerging markets like China. The specs mention both GSM and WCDMA radios, so it could really come to just about any carrier, though it seems relatively unlikely that we’ll see it over in the US anytime soon. The countries that do end up seeing the 610 we’ll see in land sometime next quarter. It will retail for €189, roughly $254, so it will probably be free on any contract.

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