Dolphin Android browser debuts Dolphin Sonar voice commands

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Dolphin Browser for Android received an update today that adds a new voice command feature called Dolphin Sonar. Dolphin Sonar is sort of like a web browser version of Siri. Dolphin Sonar lets you surf the web by voice and can also access some basic features of the Dolphin browser such as adding bookmarks or opening tabs.

Dolphin Sonar can be activated by shaking the phone or clicking on a microphone icon within the browser. I’ve haven’t been able to find the microphone icon, but the shaking motion works just fine. Dolphin Sonar compliments the Dolphin Browser’s customizable gesture functions which is one of its most differentiating features.

Dolphin Sonar only works within the Dolphin Browser. It can’t access system-level Android functions such as dialing phone numbers or searching your Android device in general.

Download Link [Dolphin Browser]

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