Facebook brings Timeline to brand pages

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Facebook Pages with Timeline

Facebook is serious about bringing Timeline to almost everything on the social network. Starting today brand pages will also be able to use the new layout.

The new Facebook Pages look just like the new Facebook Timeline. There’s the one line in the center that follows from today down to the founding of the company, band, or organization that has the page. Brands are able to choose cover photos, and break out important photos or events into the own large block on the Timeline. Unlike users, however, Pages don’t have “Life Events.” Instead they have “Milestones,” so The New York Times, for example, can create a milestone for the day the paper started publishing Sunday issues, or big news events like Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

If you run a Facebook Page you can upgrade it now to use the new Timeline layout. You have until March 30 to switch over. At that point Facebook will witch it over for you. Thankfully, Facebook has a product guide for the new Pages so you can learn all about it before you decide on anything.

The new layout will probably be hated by many at first, just as they might hate Timeline for users. However, I find the Timeline to be a cool way to view any profile. It’s certainly more useful than the previous Pages. Bringing Timeline to everything makes Facebook look more consisten, which is always useful. Hopefully this layout will stay around for a while, if for no other reason than it takes a lot of work to make a Timeline perfect.

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