Archos announces a children’s tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich

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You know something has to be wrong with the world when Samsung can release an expensive 7.7-inch Honeycomb tablet while Archos plans to ship a child’s tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed. Allow us to introduce you to the Child Pad. This 7-inch tablet from Archos will be sold at the end of March for $129.

The Child Pad has minimal specs, but we weren’t expecting too much from a $129 tablet. The true value is determined by how well the device performs. It has an unspecified 1Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM. Archos didn’t mention any other specs in the press release we received, but we managed to find a few sites that are selling the Child Pad. Based on the information those sites provided, it seems the Child Pad has a resistive touchscreen and has 4GB of storage with a microSD card slot.

The Child Pad doesn’t have access to the Android Market. All of its apps will come from a Kids App Store from AppsLib.

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