Looks like someone accidentally purchased a BlackBerry PlayBook 4G on eBay

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We have seen the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G mentioned several times. In fact, it has been announced by RIM so we do know that they are real. But that being said, the device has yet to really make an in-the-wild-style appearance. Well, that is until now. It seems that one lucky unlucky person managed to pick one up on eBay. The story goes like this, the person buying was scanning eBay for a PlayBook to pick up on the cheap and he found one that was not booting. It was thought that he could “easily restore the OS” and in turn — score a nice tablet for a nice price. Of course, that was until a “Property of Research in Motion Limited” BlackBerry PlayBook 4G showed up. Anyway, the details are coming from CrackBerry forums member thetaro who breaks it down as follows;

So I received it today, and it is the Playbook 4G Evaluation Unit. I believe the seller upgraded it to 2.0 and it bricked the playbook. The seller didn’t mention about it being an evaluation unit and he sold it as is. So I don’t think I can get my money back.

So now I got a playbook 4G that doesn’t boot pass Blackberry screen. The desktop software won’t connect to it neither. It won’t connect to the boot rom, but the software can see the PIN. Am I SOL?

And perhaps more to the question, thetaro is wondering what if anything will happen when RIM finds out. Will they ask for it back and leave him with nothing? Of course, while that would suck, nothing would not be much worse as compared to having a non-booting tablet.

Via [CrackBerry]

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