Archos G9 tablets now expected to get Ice Cream Sandwich in “two weeks”

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During CES we meet with the folks at Archos and discussed Ice Cream Sandwich. More specifically, they showed off the Ice Cream Sandwich update on the Archos G9 tablets. At that time they have mentioned that ICS was expected to begin rolling out as an update sometime in early-February. And well, needless to say — early-February has passed us by and it is now early-March and still no Ice Cream Sandwich for Archos G9 users. Anyway, according to the latest, Archos is expected to begin rolling out that update sometime in the next few weeks. Bottom line, it looks like ICS will arrive on the Archos G9 line of tablets sometime in mid-to-late March. Now lets just hope that this estimated time happens and does not see a further delay.

Via [Android and Me]

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