Square Register iPad app announced, looks to be a cash register replacement for mom-and-pop retailers

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It looks like the folks over at Square have rolled out something new for the iPad — an updated app dubbed Square Register. And this time, it looks like the app is being pushed towards mom-and-pop style brick and mortar retail stores.

“I truly believe POS, as you know it today, is dead,” says Megan Quinn, director of products at Square. “This will bring Square to an entirely new, small-market audience (bricks-and-mortar stores).”

Anyway, the Square Register app details will start off familiar sounding for those who know about Square. In short, you sign up and get a free Square Card Reader and from that point you pay just 2.75 percent per transaction. More to the point with Register though, this will allow merchants to replace their current cash register system. The Square Register app will allow you to add in a custom inventory including names, pictures and prices and perhaps more important — will allow you to quickly take care of your customers.

Also important to note, the Square Register will allow the owners to accept both cash and credit cards and comes with no monthly fees and no set-up costs. Well, aside from having to purchase an iPad. But that bit aside, the folks at Square still believe that this could save merchants thousands per year, which is what a traditional point-of-sale system would cost to set-up and maintain over the course of a year.

Via [Square Register] and [USA Today]

Square Register from Square on Vimeo.

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