Facebook Messenger for Windows 7 launches officially this time

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It may have been leaked late last year, but Facebook Messenger for Windows has returned in official form. Messenger for Windows is a desktop application that lets Facebook users keep up on everything that’s happening within their social networking life without needing to log-in to Facebook’s website. Facebook has made Messenger for Windows only available for Windows 7. The company is working on Mac, Vista and other OS versions. Facebook says it does not “currently support Windows XP.”

Messenger for Windows allows Facebook users to start chats, peruse their news ticker and receive notifications that directly involve them. Other desktop applications such as TweetDeck offers similar features, but there’s really nothing like the official Facebook experience.

Your individual notification and privacy settings from Facebook’s website carry over to Messenger for Windows.

Feel free to download the software from the link below. If it’s not available, just wait a little while until it becomes available to you.

Via [Facebook]

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