ZOMM Personal Concierge Service announced, means you can get a 24/7 personal assistant for just $14.99 per month

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Those who happen to find themselves with not enough time in the day and not enough money in the budget to hire a full time assistant may want to check out the recently announced service from ZOMM. The service is dubbed the ZOMM Personal Concierge Service and in short, it is a live personal assistant service that is available 24/7. And perhaps better yet, the service is just $14.99 per month (roughly $0.50 cents per day).

As for what the ZOMM Personal Concierge Service can do for you, some of the simpler items include booking dinner reservations or scheduling/rescheduling meetings. Of course, those would just be the beginning of what is offered. According to details coming from ZOMM, the service can also assist in finding answers and research reports, arranging travel plans, purchasing tickets, providing doctor recommendations, wake-up calls, initiating emergency service and even hunting down an autograph or rare collector’s item. Plus, the service could come in handy with some purchases including arranging to have flowers delivered.

The service is said to be able to “assist users with a virtually unlimited amount of tasks, requests and amenities.” The assistant service can be accessed anytime day or night and will connect you with a live person from one-touch of the ZOMM Wireless Leash, by calling a dedicated phone number, sending an email or using a smartphone app.

Not to mention, we can only imagine how fun it will be to say something along the lines of ‘let me call my assistant and have this taken care of.’

Via [ZOMM]

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