Audiogalaxy launches Pandora-like radio

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Music startup Audiogalaxy just unveiled its personalized radio service, gearing it up to compete with Pandora and Spotify. Unlike Pandora though, this radio streaming service which utilizes the P2P approach is ad-free, well at least for now and perhaps in the near future, if the service’s planned access charges of $4 month should push through. Audiogalaxy works similar to Pandora, as personalized radio stations are streamed directly from user to user and are not saved on Audiogalaxy’s servers. Also, like Pandora, Audiogalaxy won’t let you stream whole albums or pick or choose single tracks. Audiogalaxy will serve up personalized stations that are created on the fly. The service also limits the number of times an artist appears from any station. Audiogalaxy also serves up music using data based on users personal libraries. This is also used to generate radio stations based on users listening preferences. The service boasts of its own algorithms and data to recommend music and does not depend on metadata derived from third-party music providers. Audiogalaxy is available for both iPhone and Android devices as free downloads.

Via [GigaOm]

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