Cancelled TV show Terra Nova believed to be sought after by Netflix

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Terra Nova is yet another television program that has fallen victim to cancellation on Fox. The show is about a society that has started life over 85 million years in the past because the current Earth is on its last legs. There were also dinosaurs, guns and a group of evil people that just didn’t understand the concept of co-existence. There are surely some disappointed fans out there that wanted to see Terra Nova continue. Their wish may come true if Netflix really is stepping in to save the day.

According to Deadline, Netflix and 20th Television (a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox) have been having very early talks about giving Terra Nova new life. Although an agreement is believed to be far from final, this certainly sounds like something Netflix would be interested in.

Netflix is trying to maintain its dominance as services such as HBO Go start to pick up steam. To do that, it needs original content, exclusive deals and support from loyal customers.

Netflix is working down that path by resurrecting Arrested Development, debuting an original series called Lilyhammer and grabbing exclusive rights to new content from The Weinstein Company.

Via [Deadline]

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