Rumor: Asus Nexus tablet may debut in May

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The last time we heard about a Nexus tablet, it was rumored to be in creation at Asus and dubbed the Google Play tablet. Of course now we know Google Play was the name for Google’s unification of its digital media services and not a new tablet. That’s not to say there’s no chance a Google Play tablet will come into existence. If it does, it seems more and more likely Asus will be company to make it.

DigiTimes is once again reporting Asus was chosen by Google to produce a co-branded tablet that will cost between $199 and $249. Google reportedly considered HTC and Acer for the job, but things didn’t work out. HTC allegedly wanted too much control over the project, and didn’t want to risk hurting its image by creating a low-cost tablet. Acer wasn’t chosen because it couldn’t perform research and development within the company. Asus is apparently the best of both worlds.

Asus does make some of the most well received Android tablets available. Making a Nexus tablet seems right up Asus’ alley.

Via [DigiTimes]


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