Photo 360 by Sfera is cool, but is doomed by microtransactions

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There’s a new app available in the Google Play Store called Photo 360. It’s a photography application that lets you take 360 degree photos with your Android device’s front or rear camera. Unlike a regular panoramic photo that shows the entire photograph at once, photos taken with Photo 360 allow you to rotate around the photo completely. It’s free to download, but it uses a microtransaction revenue model that is a huge turnoff.

Photo 360 requires tickets to enable photo sharing. That means you can’t email photos or share them to social networking sites without paying. You’ll get five tickets just for downloading the app, but every other ticket isn’t free. Four tickets costs $1, 10 tickets are $2, 50 tickets are $7.50 and 100 tickets are $10. Microtransactions are certainly nothing new, but it’s off-putting when photography apps adopt this system and basically hold your photos hostage.

You may figure there’s a way to take the photo off your device’s SD card and share them that way. While photos are saved locally, they are in a format that can’t be read in traditional software. I’m not saying it’s impossible to share photos without paying, but it’s definitely not an obvious task.

Download Link [Google Play Store]

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