Siine keyboard for Android uses popular phrases to speed up typing

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There are a lot of Android keyboards out there, but only a few have managed to really standout from the crowd. To get noticed, keyboard app developers have to offer something unique, but still be able to deliver on the basics that make any keyboard great. That’s what a developer named Siine is trying to do with its new Siine Keyboard app. Siine Keyboard is a free app in Google Play. On the surface, it’s a basic keyboard with a design that’s right out of the Ice Cream Sandwich playbook. However, it’s packing a bunch of customization options. The biggest feature Siine Keyboard has to offer deals with quickly inputting text for the most popular phrases. For example, by touching on the hand icon on the bottom right of the keyboard, a menu shows up that contains one-touch access to phrases by tapping certain icons. By simply swiping through the icons, you can say something like “Hey dude what’s new?” You can also customize the keyboard to contain words and phrases you use the most.

Siine Keyboard also takes it a step further by letting you download different theme packs that bring more specific phrases. There’s a hip hop pack, a Brit pack, a no coverage, pack, a Sherlock Holmes pack and plenty others.

There is so much more Siine Keyboard is offering that you have to see for yourself. Go ahead and give it a try.

Download Link [Google Play]

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