Windows 8 keyboard shortcut list

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If you are using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview release you may have found yourself looking for some of the shortcuts for easier navigation. You know, those keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate with ease (and without having to shift your hand over to the mouse). That being said, Rob Margel recently posted a rather nice list of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts over on the MSDN Windows Help Blog. The article, simply titled Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts offers a self-described “good list” of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8. The list includes goodies such as how the Windows key will bring up the Metro start screen, how Win + B will switch to the classic Windows desktop and select the tray notification area, how Win + D will bring up the old Windows desktop and many many more. Bottom line, if you are having any issues navigating Windows 8 — this list may be of some help so you may want to follow the source link below…

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