Pottermore to open for business in “early April”

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Pottermore opened in beta form some months back and while there was an initial buzz, things seem to have died down considerably. Anyway, it looks like the site will soon be leaving the beta phase behind and opening its doors for any and all that want to come and play. The details are coming by way of a recent posting over on the Pottermore Insider blog which notes an opening time of “early” April. Aside from the still somewhat vague time to open, the details include how the Pottermore website had to open as a limited (to one million users) beta because they knew it would be “incredibly popular.” And for those who never received beta access and have been waiting, it was also noted that they “know that the extended wait for those wishing to be part of Pottermore has been frustrating.”

Otherwise, it looks like Pottermore has taken advise from beta users that will make the site that much better when it opens and that “over the coming weeks and months” they will be “adding exclusive content and many more exciting features (such as sounds) to Pottermore for you to explore, share and discover.” But the bottom line, it looks like Harry Potter fans will soon be able to read and listen to the seven novels in both ebook and audiobook form. Of course, those who really wanted to read have probably done so in paper and those who wanted to listen, well there was (and still are) versions available on CD (and best of all, I listened to them for free thanks to my local library).

Via [Pottermore Insider] and [The Guardian]

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