Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery gets bumped up to 3900mAh courtesy of Mugen Power

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One of the main shortcomings of smartphones is typically battery life and the powerful Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android Ice Cream Sandwich is not immune to this issue.

Fortunately for adopters of the Galaxy Nexus, there are a few remedies in the form of extended batteries, which are simply larger batteries providing extra juice on a single charge.  Mugen Power recently decided to enter the market with its whopping 3900 mAh battery for the Galaxy Nexus.  This extended battery is capable of extending the Galaxy Nexus’ battery life by 2.23 times.

The battery by Mugen Power is available for pre-order now on its website for $98.50 and will begin shipping by March 30th for those of you interested.

Read [Mugen Power] Via [PRWeb]

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