Aereo files countersuit to protect its broadcast television streaming service

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Nearly two weeks ago several broadcasters including Fox, Univision, ABC and NBC filed a lawsuit against a company called Aereo. Aereo is looking to launch a service on March 14 that will allow residents in New York City to watch and record over-the-air television shows on internet-connected devices. The broadcasters want to prevent Aereo from launching because they believe Aereo doesn’t have to right to repurpose their signals for internet consumption. On Monday, Aereo filed a countersuit in its defense.

“This case involves nothing more than the application of settled law to updated technology – settled law that establishes conclusively that Aere’s business is entirely lawful,” the countersuit reads.

Aereo’s countersuit then goes on to deny most of the allegations that it’s being accused of. Aereo refused to comment on some of the allegations due to lack of knowledge or information.

Interestingly enough, Aereo claims the very broadcasters that is suing the company knew about its streaming plans in April 2011 when the service was being beta tested. Aereo says executives and representatives from the other side even attended meetings regarding the service.

Should Aereo win its case, it will be granted a judgment that states Aereo is not in violation of copyright infringement.

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