Netflix gets a dedicated “Just For Kids” section on PS3

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The next time you access Netflix on your PS3, you’ll be given two choices. You can either launch the Netflix you know and love, or you can choose a different route and select the “Just For Kids” section. There was already a dedicated row for children’s programming in the regular Netflix interface, but apparently kid’s shows are popular enough to warrant a new Netflix experience. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Just For Kids section is its light-colored background. Everything just looks more vivid and inviting than the regular Netflix interface. There are also images from some popular shows at the top of the screen that take you directly to that program’s available episodes. We captured a screenshot for you below.

Every episode for shows are also represented by thumbnails in a wide selection window. The Just For Kids section is a much more visual experience than standard Netflix. Your interface may be different, but my regular Netflix has a slide out panel that presents me with episode selections. I never liked it because it looks like something that belongs on a tablet.

The only gripe I have is that you’ll always be asked to choose your Netflix experience upon starting the application. Besides that, I like the design in the kid’s section.

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