Rumor: AT&t will reportedly launch the Nokia Lumia 900 on April 8

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There have been several rumors as of late trying to predict when the Nokia Lumia 900, a high-end Windows Phone smartphone on AT&T, will launch.  A few days ago, we claimed it would launch on April 22nd, but now, TheVerge is claiming it will launch a bit earlier on April 8th according to a tipster who works with AT&T.

Microsoft is also rumored to receive shipments of the Lumia 900 in early April, which lends some credence to the AT&T rumor, but we will obviously have to wait until the end of March and the early days of April to see if AT&T officially confirms its launch date.

At its probable $99 price point on a two year contract, the Lumia 900 presents to smartphone consumers a great option, but AT&T will need to bring it to market sooner than later.  Hopefully the April 8th date pans out for those consumers interested in the device.

Via [TheVerge]

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