Archos debuts a new tablet with a keyboard dock

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Archos has been on a Samsung-like streak when it comes to announcing new tablets. Fortunately those tablets are always relatively cheap. On Wednesday, Archos revealed what appears to be its most impressive looking tablet in recent memory. Dubbed the Archos G10 XS, this tablet is very thin and has a keyboard dock.

According to a report from Ubergizmo who attended the reveal event, the Archos G10 XS is thinner than the new iPad at only 7.6mm thick. The tablet is also made from thin steel as opposed to plastic or aluminum.

As far as specs are concerned, Archos did not go into details. However, Archos’ said the G10 XS will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich. When this tablet is released, it will cost somewhere between  €200 and €400. In dollars, that translates to $260-$520.

Via [Ubergizmo]

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