Best Buy’s Rocketfish announces a few accessories for the new iPad (third-generation)

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With quite a bit of the focus lately on the new iPad (third-generation) model we are being overwhelmed with new accessories. Anyway, while we cannot highlight them all here on GadgeTell, it does seem fitting to mention some that will be readily available. Simply put, these latest are coming from Rocketfish, which for those not familiar with that name — is from Best Buy. Anyway, Rocketfish is offering some cases along with some universal (with other model iPad) goodies. Beginning first with the cases and we have the following — one in nylon and one in faux leather.

  • Rocketfish Case – Nylon (MODEL: RF-PD3NY13 |SKU: 4873229) – $29.99
  • Rocketfish Case – Faux Leather (MODEL: RF-PD3LE13 |SKU: 4919634) – $39.99

Both of these cases feature “three slots for folding to adjust viewing angles, as well as interchangeable color straps available in red and gray (for the nylon version) or blue and gray (for the faux leather version) for personal style.” Additionally, both have stylus slots, which brings us to the next Rocketfish branded accessories.

  • Rocketfish – Stylus and Pen (Model: RF-ADSTLY| SKU: 2494699) – $26.99 – Accurately control your Apple iPad or tablet with this stylus that features a soft tip that helps prevent scratches. The stylus includes a medium ballpoint pen for added functionality on the go.
  • Rocketfish – Advanced Series Bluetooth Speaker (Model: RF-TRSPIPAD| SKU: 3640066) – $79.99 – This sophisticated Bluetooth speaker is compatible with Apple iPad versions as well as most tablets, allowing you to wirelessly stream your music and featuring a rechargeable design to ensure reliable, long-lasting operation.

Via [Best Buy]

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